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The hotel management system, known as PMS Hotel, includes several operational fronts within the routine, from your reservation to check-out. The goal is to optimize internal processes between employees and make the guest’s experience more pleasant and safe. But what if this routine could get even better with a Cloud PMS?

In the market, hotel managers are increasingly required to seek modern and innovative solutions, in the continuous optimization of the services provided, generating much more value and customer satisfaction.

If you want to know more about the PMS system and how it can be even better when installed in the cloud, keep reading our article!

Important features of the PMS software

Among the various features of the hotel management system, we can mention the integration of back-office and front-office, improving points such as:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Financial management
  • Shopping Management
  • Contracts management
  • Planning and Budget
  • Quality control
  • Invoices Generation

In terms of the guest experience, loyalty can only be gained with real-time indicators, bringing strategic management tools and team and process coordination.

How Does Cloud Hosted PMS work?

There are two means of hosting: On-Premises and On Cloud. In the On-Premises model, installation is done on the company’s own servers and is managed by a specialized or outsourced team.

In the On Cloud model, the system is hosted outside your company’s local server and can be accessed from anywhere. Thus, expenses with this format end up being lower, as it is no longer necessary to pay for installation, maintenance, and service updates.

The installation time of the cloud system is considerably shorter and allows the manager to concentrate his focus on the accomplishment of tasks, together with his team. For companies that want to migrate from the On-Premises model to the On Cloud, the process is very simple and quick.

How does Cloud PMS enhance hotel management?

Cloud computing has the ability to offer more dynamism and security for software that operates on remote servers. It is no different for hotels. Check below the advantages that Cloud-hosted PMS adds to companies.

Data Security

Being well protected is a crucial factor for the success of any organization that works with data in virtual environments. The hotel PMS, hosted in the cloud, uses a robust and secure server against threats, with highly rigorous virtual and physical security protocols.

In a country like Brazil, where the main targets of cybercrime are small and medium-sized businesses, taking care of the security and integrity of customer data is critical.

In this scenario, cloud software increases the security level of your hotel and guests without necessarily increasing the costs of hiring more programs or IT teams.

Access to the software can be controlled and restricted, and all documents and information are kept confidential. The system even has the ability to destroy files that pose a threat inside the company.

Access From Anywhere

Cloud-Based PMS, the system can be accessed from different devices, accompanying employees at all times. You can rely on the software and present data and reports in real-time, anywhere.

The sales team is also supported by this cloud format. Whether through desktop, smartphone, or tablet, updated information on revenue, check-ins, and availability, for example, is always at hand.

This facility is not found in On-Premises systems, since access requires login to the hotel network and the use of an internal IP to enter the software, which can make it difficult to close new deals and partnerships, as well as offering special conditions for differentiated customers, etc.

Continuous updating of information

Having a high degree of mobility is great, but how can this advantage be obtained with outdated and obsolete information? One of the differentials of cloud-based PMS is the updating of information in an agile and constant manner. This ensures that the data presented to the user is always recent and with less risk of diversion and loss of information and operational numbers. A miscalculation can cause great financial losses, which marks another positive point in the use of the cloud format.

Final Verdict

Renewing your processes and optimizing your company’s routines brings several benefits, as we talked about throughout this article, and it is a rule for any organization that wants to stand out in such a competitive market. From a sustainable point of view, cloud-hosted systems spend less energy and cause less environmental impact, resulting from equipment, which in this case is dispensed with.