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Companies are expected to provide employees with frequent training to upskill and introduce them to new technology. However, they might discover that removing employees from the manufacturing floor may impact their output. They cannot simply be excused from their jobs to attend training sessions.

Every hour counts in the business world. Furthermore, the time spent in training facilities is essentially useless. Enterprises started adopting employee training software to plan, manage, and deliver effective training to avoid these non-productive hours and offer their staff that training.

What Is Employee Training Software?

Employee training software is a tool deployed with organizations’ help to deliver online training to their employees.  Employee training software enables you to develop training modules, add interactive components to make them more interesting, deliver them securely to your staff, monitor learner progress, and evaluate and provide comments. It is a comprehensive tool for providing your workers with quality training.

Therefore, if you intend to create a training and development plan for your staff, you might want to test some employee training software programs. Your work will be made easier, and you’ll save time doing it, which will make your workers more effective at work.

They can finish an online training module at their own pace, which will greatly improve their ability to retain knowledge. In addition, it reduces expenses for teachers, physical training supplies, classroom facilities, utilities, etc.

Employee training software programs are vastly superior to conventional classroom instruction. No matter where you are, you may easily access the courses and learning resources because they are centralized and organized. Additionally, it makes it simple for you to monitor the performance and progress of your students, which will help you manage your training course.

Your training expenses and time will also decrease, giving you more money and your employees more time to finish their work. The growing use of software for online training by corporations should not be surprising.

Market Size of Corporate eLearning

There has been a definite rise in online education both nationally and internationally. Online learning’s market share has increased almost yearly due to this. However, the surge has been rising even more gradually than over the past few years. This increase has been considerably more obvious after the COVID-19 outbreak started. Determining the online learning market’s past, present, and future status is interesting. People can thus more clearly see how the market has developed and which segments have shown the most improvement.

Rapid global transformation is notably apparent in the global online learning market. The current state of the eLearning industry worldwide demonstrates how far it has come, from market shares to growth rates. For upcoming comparisons, the projections are helpful.

Between 2020 and 2025, there will be a CAGR of over 8% for the global market for online learning. As a result, the market should have a value of about $375 billion by 2026. Europe controls a 35% market share.

From 2020 to 2025, the global market for online learning platforms will be projected to expand at a CAGR of 11%.

Benefits of Employee Training Software

Standardization and Organization of Content

An organization that places a high priority on staff training and development creates a standard that attracts outstanding talent. Employee development is viewed as a big benefit by job searchers, according to numerous surveys. From a business perspective, the two key benefits of employee training and development are retaining a qualified workforce and attracting top talent.

Technologies, industry trends, and innovations constantly evolve in the modern corporate world. You must understand the value of employee training in this situation to keep one step ahead of your rivals. When you have strong employee development and training programs, your staff will be better able to adapt to the changes, giving your company the necessary competitive edge.

Better Employee/Trainer Communication

An intellectual and practical approach is necessary for developing communication abilities. Although your learning management system’s lessons and videos can be used to teach the ideas of effective communication, those skills should be practiced and improved in person.

Effective communication results in every task being finished and the goal being reached at your firm. All your team employees must communicate effectively, collaborate well, understand how to carry out tasks, and engage effectively with coworkers and clients. Our skilled facilitators will educate them on effectively accomplishing this through interactive and engaging communication coaching.

Easier Employee-Progress Tracking

The need for ongoing personnel training and retraining for business growth and preserving sustainable competitive advantages is well-known to any corporate entity worth its salt. For employees to deliver competitive results for the business, they must always be updated with changing market realities.

Every organization’s operation depends critically on employee training and development. You’ve probably put in many hours developing training materials for your staff. Making the training program is important, but it isn’t sufficient. Getting outcomes from it is crucial. A significant step in the correct direction is making the appropriate technology investments that support your organization’s learning vision.

The places where employees struggle with their training, the materials that aren’t interesting enough, or the courses that aren’t producing the required outcomes can all be found by tracking employee learning and development programs.

You may find out how well-accepted the course is and what needs to be improved by using learner and team metrics. With the help of these insights, you can continuously improve the classes and learning environment for your staff members to get the most out of your professional development programs.

Ability to Train More Employees

Training results in improved operations and business expansion. The value of job training has never been higher than it is in today’s dynamic marketplace. Maintaining your organization’s competitiveness requires workforce training. Most employees will have professional skill gaps or shortcomings because they are only human. In addition, the majority of professionals are specialists in some way. Most activities in your company are probably outside the scope of each employee’s existing training.

You may improve your personnel’s abilities and fill in knowledge gaps by implementing a high-quality, all-encompassing employee training development program. For your team to share a common set of knowledge and abilities, an employee training development program will raise the competency level of every member of your workforce. A program like this will strengthen any weak points in an organization and distribute the burden among your staff members more fairly.

Common Features of Employee Training Software

Your company’s most important component is its workforce. No matter where they are or how far up the corporate ladder they are, you can provide them with the online training tools they need by investing in employee training software. You may boost productivity and efficiency at work by using employee training software. The following list of essential employee training software features and capabilities will surely make your online training program a smashing success and increase your bottom line.

Content Creation

You need to have the resources and training materials ready. Documents, photos, videos, how-to articles, and slides are a few examples. The best way to make training more interesting and not boring is to have a variety of information. To build your courses, you must have them available.

Modifying and customizing the learning experience can provide your staff with pertinent knowledge. To assist them in advancing their skills, emphasized offering useful, problem-solving content. Give them resources to help them work better, such as one-page job aids, visual manuals, and simple expert advice. After that, you can present content that goes deeper.

Virtual Classrooms

Ensure the collaboration and social media integration tools are available in the online training program or virtual class. Asynchronous training has been shown to increase feelings of loneliness. In the context of training, people want to communicate with others for conversation and knowledge sharing because they want to be socialized and interact. Group projects, live chats, or even live events can be used to facilitate this engagement. The software should also support social media integration, so staff members may visit pertinent pages and groups and participate in discussions with a larger audience.

Certification Tracking

You may design, maintain, and keep track of your employees’ credentials with certification tracking software. An example would be a medical practice that demands its staff members earn several certifications throughout their tenure. After that, the practice can manage and store personnel certifications online using the software as an online repository.

On-demand e-learning

By creating courses and materials that are accessible online and at any time from any location, online training addresses the issues mentioned above. By automating your training procedures with training software, you may eliminate human labor and unnecessary responsibilities.

Employees only receive online training in eLearning. The instructors present instruction either physically in a lecture or classroom setting or remotely through video conferencing software. The two models are combined in blended learning. They still need to go through in-person and/or hands-on training, even though some training is online.

Because different training techniques for employees are better suited for each one, it is crucial to specify the training program’s goals. Similarly, when selecting a learning model, bear in mind the intended audience.

Advanced Reporting

You can assess your training program’s effectiveness with the aid of reporting. Establishing KPIs that are significant to you is required, as is producing reports that highlight these figures. You’ll be able to get a general idea of how your team is doing and identify any areas that need work.

Be sure that metrics provide the full picture when creating KPIs. Quantity, quality, time, cost, and effectiveness should all be considered. You need to create a benchmarking plan to assess how well you are doing in achieving your KPIs. Ensure the information you require is readily accessible and that data and reports are both.

Mobile Learning

One of the numerous advantages of online training software is that you may adapt the instruction to meet specific demands. Employee productivity is raised with customized training materials. This contrasts with classroom instruction, which tends to take a more generic approach. Adults will happily devote time to training, as was already indicated if they believe the results will be essential to their careers. Therefore, personalization is essential to the achievement of any training endeavor.

Employee Training Software Pricing Structure

Choosing the best staff training program for your company will largely depend on your budget, to put it simply. It can be confusing and expensive when there are options to buy a license for each course, offering of material, learning platform, or a combination of these. Businesses with between 100 and 999 workers spent approximately $1,678 per employee on training in 2020; businesses with between 1,000 and 999 employees spent approximately $581 per person; and businesses with 10,000 or more employees spent approximately $924 per employee. We did not poll businesses with fewer than 100 workers.

Despite the initial shock, the cost of training starts to seem more affordable when you consider everything that goes into it, including the time commitment and salaries for training managers.

To you can hire dedicated developers Or Remote development team to get your custom employee software developed. Hiring remote development team only only cut down the development cost but will bring down overall employee training expenses in long term.

Why Should Every Business Offer Employee Training?

Reduce Staff Turnover

Employee turnover may be quite expensive and disruptive. Finding a direct replacement typically costs between 50 and 60 percent of the employee’s compensation. However, it depends on the gravity and nuance of their situation. It may take months or longer to complete. A simple and efficient strategy to lower turnover is to offer employee training.

Lessen Layoffs

In today’s world, business goals can change rapidly. And regrettably, when employees’ abilities are no longer in line with the needs of their employers, that can result in layoffs. The costs of severance and rehiring can dramatically affect the morale of the remaining employees after a layoff.

Positivity and Employee Engagement

For most organizations, employee engagement is still a moving target, despite being crucial to business success. According to The Economic Times, 20% of employees in India have the greatest levels of employee engagement.

Intensify Output

To be profitable, one must be productive. Additionally, one of the simplest ways businesses can enhance their output is to give employee training. The time it takes to complete daily chores can be considerably reduced by learning how to use new technologies or tools, ranging from scheduling apps to artificial intelligence. Simplified procedures and less time wasted are additional advantages of training staff in soft skills like delegation and time management.

Free Employee Training Platforms


EdApp is the perfect option if you’re searching for a user-friendly web-based training platform! This open-source LMS platform focuses on microlearning and mobile learning and has an editable course library with hundreds of self-paced microlearning courses. EdApp contains resources on just about any topic you can imagine.


The Wharton School, Stanford University, Google, and IBM are just a few of the respected educational institutions and corporations that have subject-matter experts on staff at Coursera, a web-based training platform. They offer a wide variety of courses that you may study at your speed and obtain industry-recognized course certification.


On completing the course, Alison, a free online learning platform, awards the certification. Business, technology, health, and other topics are covered on this website.

Alison provides online training that aids in your study, learning, and certification. It offers a range of language-specific courses, including those for English, Spanish, German, French, and Arabic.


The University of Oxford, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology all offer courses through the eDX online learning platform. They offer credentials that are widely accepted by prestigious colleges and businesses. There are a variety of programs available, including MicroBachelors, MicroMasters, and Masters for graduate-level study.


The powerful learning platform from Inquisiq includes the fundamental ideas of social learning and blended learning. You can implement tools like on-the-job training and task assignments that let your employees’ complete jobs in real-time and turn in lesson homework for knowledge evaluation to implement blended learning.


A web-based training platform called GoSkills focuses on corporate skills and compliance training. They offer classes in Lean Six Sigma, finance, development, soft skills, design, data analysis, Microsoft Office, project management, office productivity, and Microsoft Excel.


The finest website for education that provides entertaining, free online programs is OpenLearn. This website offers history, biology, physics, philosophy, and literature lessons.

Code of Talent

Learning and development professionals can use the SaaS LMS platform Code of Talent to create, adapt, and deploy microlearning courses for their teams. Code of Talent’s courses is made to be interactive, mobile-friendly, and easy to understand to encourage self-paced learning, social learning, and content engagement.

Unlock: Learn

With more than 25 years of expertise in the corporate training sector, Unlock: Learn enables businesses to provide specialized learning opportunities for their staff. You can smoothly enroll, engage, and teach your entire organization thanks to its simple-to-use features and automated processes. You can also develop training tactics by accessing pertinent statistics via the platform’s analytics tool.


You can train existing team members or onboard new ones with the help of Trainual, another online learning tool. You may quickly modify educational materials by selecting from the platform’s 150 free templates. And after your training materials have been made available, your staff can access them through a variety of web-based and mobile-based platforms, including iOS, Android, Chrome extensions, and web browsers.

Why Should You Train Your Employees Online?

Compared to instructor-led training, eLearning saves your firm money and accomplishes a lot more. These are the main advantages of eLearning for your employees and business if you’re presenting a business case for its development:

  • lowers the cost to your business
  • shorter time spent learning
  • improved retention of employees for the majority of training subjects
  • For all employees worldwide, just-in-time accessibility
  • allows for constant use of essential resources by staff
  • assures your staff of a risk-free working environment
  • global collaboration is possible
  • corresponds to the flexible lives of your employees
  • For any number of employees, scalable
  • Gives your workers and management immediate feedback.
  • ensures standardization and consistency of training
  • minimizes the environmental impact on your organization


Employee development and training encompass more than the tasks immediately at hand. Employee training is primarily about learning new skills and gaining specific knowledge that employees can apply immediately to change their current positions. In contrast, development programs boost employees’ future performance and progress. Employee training and development are more crucial than ever as firms struggle to retain top personnel. Employee training software is a big help to businesses to boost employee training programs and