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The speed of an e-commerce store plays an influential role in determining its success. It will not just affect the customer experience but also impact its ranking on the search engine page results. As per a report, if an e-commerce store is making revenue of $100,000 per day then a delay of 1 second can make you lose sales of $2.5 million every year. Do you know that 58% of the users will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Among which 40% of the customers will never return to your site.

There are several ways by which the slow site speed can impact our online business. In today’s time, when almost every user is having access to high-speed internet then a blazing fast speed of a website has become a necessity. With speed, the site is subjected to increased search engine rankings, optimized conversion rates, and improvements in sales. Here are some stats to chew on:

1.       73% of the internet users have been on a site that took too much time to load.

2.       A 1-second delay in the website loading can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

3.       An e-commerce site making $50,000 per day could potentially lose $1.25 million in sales every year from that 1 second extra time in loading.

4.       Conversion rates on your e-commerce store increase by 74% when page load time improves from 8 to 2 seconds.

5.       73% of customers will not return to your site if it doesn’t load on their mobile device.

Website speed also impacts its SEO which in turn decrease the traffic on the site, increase bounce rates, and results in degraded search engine rankings. But no need to worry, just hire a Magento Development Company like us who can provide ongoing maintenance services for your Magento store including its speed, and performance. However, before taking any action, you must first know the correct speed of your Magento store and the reasons why it is not performing as it was supposed to do. Hence, in this article, you will know about the best Magento website speed measuring tools that you can use for not just measuring site speed, but also the underlying factors of slow speed.

Each tool has its own feature set which will be overlapping and distinct as well. But all these tools will give you a sneak peek into your website speed analysis and draw the direction you can start your website speed optimization from. Here’s the tools list:

1.       Page Speed Insights

2.       Think with Google

3.       GTmetrix


5.       Pingdom Website Speed Test

6.       SEO Site Checkup

7.       Site24x7

8.       UPTRENDS

9.       Dotcom-tools

10.   DareBoost

We will discuss each of these tools in a detailed manner.

  1. Google PageSpeed:

Google PageSpeed is probably the most popular tool among developers for measuring the Magento store speed. Apparently, it initially seems that it is just a speed measuring tool but it is a lot more than that. If you delve into it, you will come to know about a lot of technical metrics of different aspects of your Magento website. Google Pagespeed is based on the Google Lighthouse platform. The UI of the tool is highly user-friendly. You don’t require any technical expertise to understand certain points and site speed. In just a few seconds, you will get the actual performance of the website.

If you got the rank between 0-49, then your store speed is low, if the rank is 50-89 then it is moderate, and the best performing Magento stores lies between the ranges of 90-100. It provides separate speed of desktop and mobile. The best thing about this tool is that it shows the website in 3 colours; Red for slow or bad performance, yellow for moderate, and green for best performance. Thus, you can immediately understand your website performance.

In Google PageSpeed, you get insights into the factor affecting site speed and touchpoints of how you can improve the site speed. But mostly the developers and technical experts can understand those factors correctly and implement them for better speed. As it is Google which is evaluating your site speed and identifying position on SERPs, follow its recommendations for the performance updates.

2. Think with Google:

In the 21st century, smartphones have become part of everyone’s life. Whether you need to check social media feed, book an appointment, buy a ticket, or online shopping, you can do it all by just a few taps on your smartphone. Hence, it becomes imperative that your Magento store should be mobile responsive.

At Think with Google, you will get all the required insights and useful information of the latest industry trends shared by Google. There is a Test My Site tool that allows checking the performance of your site on mobile devices.

Unlike Google Page Speed, which determines almost all aspects of speed, it just finds out the domain performance on mobile devices. Test the site on different locations and internet connections as per your audience location. It will give you a general device for improving site performance, not provide highly relevant data except page load time for 4G and 3G connections.

3. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is another widely popular tool for measuring site speed and performance. This speed analytic tool gives you actionable suggestions for improving site performance. Just enter the site URL, hit Enter, and within a few seconds, you will get a detailed report along with suggestions of your site performance. The report contains top-level page speed score, loading time, overall page size, and suggestions for improving site speed.

It provides visual reports on important metrics such as speed visualization, top issues, page details, structure, waterfall chart, etc. The tool will lead you to the exact files and sources of the time delay. For the audit, you can download the complete data into a PDF and access it anytime from any device.


The performance of a website can vary as per the browser it is being operated, regardless of performing on servers. For this, WEBPAGETEST is a great tool to measure site speed on different browsers. You can choose among many different conditions, and also create custom conditions for testing your website speed on different browsers.

You can conduct advanced or simple testing for getting a very precise report, compare 2 pages visually or run the traceroute test. The time varies as per the testing type. After completing the test, you will get a report on Waterfall View, Connection View, and the Request Details. It provides a concise, holistic report on the performance of the website with details, screenshots, and analysis of images.

5. Pingdom Website Speed Test:

Just like GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed, Pingdom is a highly popular tool that is easy to use and understand. As we mentioned, the speed of the website gets impact by the server location from where a user is trying to access the website. Pingdom is a highly efficient tool for this purpose. You can check the website performance from 7 different locations. You will get data on the performance of the page, response codes, content size by content type & domain, requests by content type & domain, and file requests.

Simplicity is the USP of this tool. You can easily follow the instructions on how to improve website speed and eliminate errors.

6. SEO Site Checkup:

As the name indicates, this tool can analyze the site SEO performance. Since speed is an influential factor for site SEO, SEO Site Checkup is a unique tool for this purpose. This tool has a very easy to navigate interface and comprehensive test speed report. You will get all major insights into the general SEO, Server, Security, and Advanced SEO. Thus, the SEO team can easily focus on how to improve the site and marketers.

The SEO team will not just get an overview of SEO factors like meta title, description, keywords, headings, and competitor’s domain test for a better understanding of the SEO profiles of your competitors.

7. Site 24×7:

The server environment also impacts the speed of your website. Site 24×7 is a very old website analytic tool which analyzes the site server performance influencing your website speed.

You will get detailed insights into how you can eliminate landing page redirects and improve server response time. The only con of this tool is that it doesn’t provide a lot of information on how to improve your website performance.


Just like Webpagetest, UPTRENDS is also used for testing the performance of the website on different servers. Unlike other mentioned tools, this tool is unique as it can analyze the website performance on different screen sizes and browsers.

The provided information is easy to visualize but there are very less recommendations for the improvements. Still, this tool is worth checking out especially if you want to know the website performance at different locations.

9. dotcom-tools:

Site speed matters, but knowing its performance at the location of your target audience is equally important. This tool is great for this particular purpose. You don’t need to choose any particular location but instead, it will test on different locations simultaneously, 3 without signing up to exact. You can choose the browser to assess the website speed. The tool provides a concise report on overall website load speed. The USP of this tool is it provides insights into how and what to improve page speed on desktop and mobile.

10. DareBoost:

The tool is quite similar to other-mentioned tools but it focuses more on mobile performance instead of just desktop. You will see the website from the customer’s perspective on this tool. It also provides a video of how the page you test is loading in real-time. The information appears in a well-structured graph which makes it easier to understand the total blocking time, cumulative layout shift, speed index and other factors.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through popular website speed measuring tools which can provide insights into your website performance. Speed optimization is one of the important aspect for user engagement as well as conversions but you need professional approach for the same so lookout expert Magento developer to boost-up the speed of your exciting magneto store.