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Already in 2019 we noticed an ever-growing thirst for knowledge of companies towards data. Those who work in the business want immediate answers and the analysis must be increasingly advanced.

The big data continue to expand its role in daily business as critical to business decisions. And, as for any other area, there are also innovations in this sector.

Here are the Big Data Analytics trends for 2020

Every company that wants to be successful in its business will have to take advantage of big data, there is little to do. But in what way?

Knowing how to process and interpret the data available on the net is essential to know how customers buy, their location, what their habits are with respect to a product and the life cycle of the same.

By processing big data at its best, you can guess the next trends, flows and market trends. At the same time, reviewing the business strategy and planning it accordingly helps to predict the future of your business.

Arun Goyal –
MD at Octal IT Solution

Let’s find out the 10 trend big data analytics.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Also in the field of big data we find a triumphal entry of Artificial Intelligence. This new technology will completely change the way companies do business, both as regards internal management and to improve the user experience.

AI, in the big data field, allows to collect more and more specific data and in 2020 a large investment of companies in this sector is expected.

  • Cloud platforms

Both open sources and patented tools are easier to manage and use on Cloud computing.

Reporting, optimization and machine learning move to the clouds, also providing for the use of multicloud.

  • In memory processing

Thanks to the “in memory” processing it is possible to store data on RAM, so as to make access much faster than on disk.

The real-time application requires the equally rapid response data. Companies want to respond faster and faster to market changes and, moreover, the costs of this processing are decreasing.

  • Data Automation

Automation has been a process in progress for many years, however it is reconfirmed as a trend in 2020.

Automated analytical techniques allow you to get more and more clean data that you can use instantly. This necessity derives from the fact that the rate of dirty data has always been very high in the past and it took man a long time to clean up the analyzes and make them usable. With Data Automation this risk is significantly reduced.

  • Voice Search

With the advent of virtual assistants and voice commands, recognizing spoken language has become a great necessity in the world of big data analytics.

Capturing the different intonations, interpreting the language, finding the right queries is a daily challenge for businesses in 2020.

Mechanics are facilitating the data interpretation process. This strategy guarantees great results in very hectic environments, but it is also useful for entrepreneurs of the future who want to get an answer from the data, in turn, through voice search.

  • Analytics life-cycle development

Just like every other application, the analysis tools must also follow their own life cycle that begins with launch, support and improvement.

This will be the task of the IT department of each company, which will be asked to study new systems for real-time data analysis.

  • Augmented analytics

The ‘Artificial Intelligence’, but also the Machine Learning, allow much more quickly learn from the data without having to program each time the devices for the specific purpose.

These tools can never replace man, but they can expand human creativity thanks to the recognition of queries and repetitive patterns to provide an increasingly immediate and reliable answer.

  • IoT Analytics

Internet of Things providers focus primarily on improving their tools through data analysis.

The flows of analysis of these intelligent objects must become increasingly uniform and companies are oriented towards a choice that reflects their corporate identity.

  • Predictive analysis

To better understand the present world, it is also necessary to analyze data from the past.

In 2020, more than ever, predictive analyzes will be carried out to predict future economic scenarios, identify the areas in which it is necessary to invest, the critical issues and market trends.

  • Graph Analytics

Without graphs that represent the data collected, the analysis capacity at the company level cannot reach its maximum realization.

Graph Analytics will be a driving factor in 2020. These representations allow companies to tie together apparently disconnected points and accelerate the impact of their business on the market.

How to move around these big data analytics news?

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