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Running successfully an eCommerce store is quite a lengthy task. We need to start from marketing to fulfilment and shipping, and more to exist in-between.

Well, today, a pandemic that’s going on, has compelled people to try the new normal, staying at home, and turning to online shopping mode. This enhanced the growth of the eCommerce market.

Being a merchant, you want to get flooded with new orders on your eCommerce store and this demands the use of the right eCommerce strategy. This pandemic has permitted online retailers to buzz in the surroundings and improve their customer base all through automation. This is the best time to turn and automate the eCommerce industry.

Sometimes, a feeling might capture you that makes you realize that you need to perform various little tasks just to hold your business at the top position, this leaves you with a missed chance of taking your business to a level ahead.

Here, the need for eCommerce automation arises. How would you take it if everything just gets accomplished with no legwork every time? eCommerce automation is the magic wand that makes you free from boring jobs.

What is eCommerce Automation?

Any technologically-driven or digital task that is triggered by a non-action or action from your team or customer, or more, is eCommerce automation.

In simple words, eCommerce automation is a task that is accomplished automatically, using online systems or software, with no human intervention, you just need to set it up and it runs automatically.

Let’s take an example: in marketing, there exist certain emails or ads that are triggered to reach target audiences.

Whereas, when we talk about sales, customers that leave without buying receive a reminder message. The shoppers having questions are offered the assistance of a chatbot to get the answers.

In the fulfillment, the orders hold the caliber to trigger the messages to assist you in managing inventory, which includes “sold out” notifications also. And the list never ends.

In technical terms, eCommerce automation is a software that is developed to transform processes, tasks, or campaigns within your business to automation that smartly execute when there is a need.

How Can eCommerce Automation Prove to be Beneficial for My Business?

Undeniably, an increasing number of people are turning to online stores for shopping that gives a big advantage to eCommerce over brick-and-mortar stores. Meanwhile, recent reports say that consumers hold enhanced expectations for more convenient and faster deliveries. So, to stay ahead in the competition, the business owners should come up with ways to move rapidly and stay nimble.

  • Saves Time

When we get free time through the assistance of automation repetitive tasks it is our saved time. If we don’t need to keep in mind to track them and accomplish them, just imagine what much we can do with the extra time.

Just think about those boring tasks you need to perform, again and again, embracing customer emails, data entry, social media, and more. The more we automate, the more it can be attained even without us.

With eCommerce automation, you can do much, like automate the new product releases along with their announcements, schedule sales promotions to go live at appropriate times, adjust the prices, pluck the discontinued products, track purchases, offer rewards, and more.

  • Easier Onboarding

Like with customers, the secret to beneficial long-term relationships is keeping the suppliers happy by allowing them to interact with your brand. Many eCommerce automations can keep the relationship engaging and flourishing.

Through the automated supplier portals, the employees get enhanced time to stay focused on the growth of the company. During this, new suppliers and vendors can take the lead to set themselves in your system.

Obviously, you will want to be there for customer service, however much of that can also be automated. Vendors will applaud the systems that are moving smoothly and quickly with no dependency on human intervention all through the process. As the suppliers and vendors are responsible for their orders and requests, nothing is missed in translation.

  • Increases Worker Engagement

Well, a boring task sucks your life every moment. How will your employees react if they get to know that it’s all over? Well, this will offer you a chance to enhance your employee satisfaction.

That’s the thing that eCommerce automation can perform for your whole team. Despite having to perform a complete data entry every start of the day, they can now just check with the system, every time.

Now, they are free to perform other big tasks for which they came on-board: learning, approach, growth, and more. It could instill new energy and zeal into the team.

  • Helps Customer Satisfaction

Well, happy customers are mostly repeat customers. As per a survey, new customers may cost you approximately five times more as compared to selling to repeat consumers. eCommerce automation can assist you in keeping your customers happy, and turn them into repeat consumers, even as you grow to attain a greater audience.

By automating things, you can enhance the customer experience at your store. Customers hold the caliber to come up with what they are looking for even more rapidly and buy what they want easily, while not being set back by unavailable items, or more.

  • Simpler Deliveries

eCommerce automation systems just process the orders directly from the consumer, print the receipts, and shipping labels despite holding a person type manually, which saves time and avoids the re-occurrence of mistakes.

As for customers, making package tracking is a priority, businesses require to know the location of packages for quality assurance and customer service purposes. eCommerce automation holds the caliber to communicate tracking details automatically.

What are the Top eCommerce Automation Tools?

The process of online retail starts at the moment your customer comes online to look for a product. The interest of your customer in buying from you relies extremely on how you have marketed your products. Well, you are lucky enough to automate various sections of this process to make it more cost-effective and efficient. Let’s now know some of the best eCommerce automation tools that you may use:


Shopify comes along with various automation options through Shopify Flow. Apart from that, you can get various integrations from their app store.


All-in-one eCommerce solution, Keap targets on assisting service-based small businesses to attain success with automation. They provide templates that eCommerce brands can use to craft automated email blasts, lost lead actions, and reminders to help your business grow and develop customer loyalty.


If you get stuck with a bottleneck in sales communication or customer service, then you can turn to Zendesk that holds the solutions you require to integrate internally and in the outreach of your customer.


When it’s all about automation, they can perform much more. It is the best way to manage your email campaigns.


A powerful tool, HubSpot includes Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Content Management System Hub, and Service Hub. Its free features can permit you to set up the customer service ticketing, email templates, generate new leads, and craft smart content.

Wrapping Lines

Automation is the best way to make your business workflow cost-efficient, effective, and convenient. eCommerce automation allows you to run your business with limited resources in a way that will assist you in being ahead of the competitors. So, you are not required to get lost in distinct ways to magnetize attention. Pick the process that demands attention first and will assist you increase your eCommerce sales. Next, find the best automation tool that is most perfect for you. So, time to dive in and begin with saving your time.