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We are in an era where technology is pawing and never before can we speak of digital transformation. It is a curious expression, so much so that it fascinates even those who do not deal with digital marketing on a professional level.

But how much do you know about business transformation? Do you already know how to apply it to your business?

If the answer is no, don’t worry. These will be the cornerstones of our guide for digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

We can translate the expression digital transformation with ‚Äúdigital transformation”. In fact, it refers to all those changes that mainly involve new technologies and thanks to which it is possible to improve business processes.

In practice, it is a matter of integrating digital technologies into all aspects of one’s business to meet the needs of the market that change at the speed of light.

How are these goals achieved? Updating systems, educating collaborators and changing one’s mindset.

An excellent way to introduce digital transformation in a company, for example, is to use automated processes to manage an e-commerce.

Why think about digital transformation?

Do you know what the truth is? That many companies think they don’t need to innovate their business. Or they think that improving only a few sectors is enough to meet market demands.

Instead, digital transformation should not be seen as an end in itself project or a system that integrates some new technology. It is a revolution that can lead to many advantages and those who have a business cannot absolutely afford to ignore them.

Which ones are they? Here are the main ones:

  • Greater efficiency in business management
  • More time to devote to activities that require human intervention
  • Cost reduction
  • Better content management
  • Improvement of personal organisation
  • User experience improvement.

Competition in the market is increasingly ruthless and digital transformation is a tool that allows companies that want to reach the crest of the wave to get there.

According to research conducted by Harvard Business Review, only 16% of companies depend on digital technologies. A good 61% have entered some operations while a 23% are not really considering digital transformation.

How do you get to Digital Transformation?

The ‘ digital innovation is not something you do from morning to night, this is obvious.

In order to adapt to these new business management processes you need some preparation.

In particular, you need to make some mandatory steps to be able to change the corporate culture:

  • The objectives of the transformation must be well defined : the entire organization of the company must be aligned in order to achieve long-term objectives;
  • Company digitalization must follow a specific strategy : not having a basic project does not allow lasting but only temporary improvements;
  • Decide which digital technologies are necessary and which are not : each company must ask itself which useful technologies are to be implemented in its sector in order to obtain an effective change;
  • The staff must be trained : each collaborator must receive training to acquire the skills and mindset suitable for a digital business;
  • Realize a marketing strategy: the marketing plan must also include all the phases envisaged for moving to the new digital systems.

What are the trends of digital transformation?

As with all innovations, trends also exist in the field of digital transformation. Here’s how it will improve the experience of companies and customers.

  • The Customer Experience

The customer is the company’s reference point. It must always be at the center of entrepreneurs’ thoughts. You have to put yourself in his shoes to improve his experience at your company.

  • Artificial Intelligence

How can we forget the technology that is having the greatest impact within our lives? Artificial intelligence is used to improve customers’ lives, to implement marketing strategies and to make assistance service more efficient.

Where will it be used? To automate many operations and to facilitate interaction with customers.

  • IT has an important role in the company

With all this technology it is good that every company invests in its IT department in order to be able to deal quickly and professionally with any problem relating to new technologies.

These collaborators are asked to update all the channels through which the company communicates with the outside world faster and faster.

  • Large companies use multi-cloud

A single cloud service cannot effectively serve companies with thousands of employees. Since everyone must be updated in real time on the projects in progress, and they must be able to find the documentation immediately, more and more companies are leaning on multicloud.

These are two or more cloud computing services that can also be used for the distribution of software and applications.

  • 5G will arrive in 2020

5G will change the way we work for all companies. The spread of this technology will greatly speed up all the services that rely on the network to work.

The telecommunications sector is already moving to be able to make the most of this new technology.

  • Blockchain is not just cryptocurrency

The blockchain was still underestimated during 2019 for its link with the world of cryptocurrencies. But the truth is, it’s not just about that.

It is moving more and more towards the fintech sector, to create automated solutions in various sectors ranging from banking to insurance. It will be possible to write contracts, pay faster and get advanced data analysis.

  • Robotics in the company

Thanks to technology, more and more efficient helpers can be added to the company alongside the manual workforce.

Investing in the robotics branch goes hand in hand with the implementation of artificial intelligence in the company.

Tips for a professional digital transformation

Is the concept of digital transformation clearer to you? Now that you understand the important role it plays in the success of your business, here are some tips to keep in mind to take advantage of the benefits it will bring as much as possible.

  • Align the staff

In order to achieve change across the organization, communication is the most important aspect. Prioritize activities that increase staff skills and train them mentally.

  • Involve the departments

This training must cover all company departments because digital transformation is an evolution process that affects the whole company. Try to involve above all the IOC and the CMO.

Create a committee of people who are concerned with both proposing new ideas in this regard and supervising the activation of corporate innovation processes.

  • Maintain corporate identity

Whatever the digital transformation you are imagining for your company, it must be consistent with your business objectives and your company’s values.

Digital transformation must be an added value for your collaborators and your customers, not a change in the identity of your brand. They would risk not recognizing him anymore!

  • Look through the customer’s eyes

In order to offer the best solutions to the customer, you need to get to know him so that he can meet his tastes without difficulty.

The answer to what the company should produce should be sought above all among customers.

For this reason, every company must commit itself to building an interface that allows the creation of a relationship with its customers.

  • Reorganize the budget

Has digitization become a priority? Perfect, even the corporate budget management must be rethought.

Digital provides for certain business costs to be incurred which are subsequently amortized. However, without this upstream investment, you will never be ready to face tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Take advantage of the latest technology

Many suppliers are pushing to sell outsourcing services to companies. What you need, however, is the latest technology in the digital field. During the digital transformation you must be sure that you have the best technological tools available, in accordance with what is necessary for your sector.


Was our digital transformation guide useful for getting deeper into this world? If you still have questions, or want to receive a quote to introduce the digital transformation within your company, we invite you to fill in the form that you find on the side of the page.