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The educational software is a complete solution for educational institutions of all sizes and segments. It is a system that offers total control over the activities of the institution and its employees. Understand more about how this technology works and its main benefits.

Importance of educational software

The way your educational institution is managed, makes all the difference for the organization, both in the work of professionals and in the study of students. The use of software in education allows seamless communication between the entire academic community.

Teachers can have direct contact with students or, in the case of basic education, with responsible parents. It is also possible for the student to have access to various information such as grades, notices, class schedule, and much more. This greatly facilitates the learning routine and also the administration of the business in general.

Advantages of having an educational management system

Despite being a business like any other, managing an educational institution requires some specific demands. For this reason, it is more than natural to have educational software designed to meet the needs of this segment. This type of software serves from basic education to higher education, in addition to continuing education.

It is a solution that controls the institution’s management and automates processes. It also contributes to strengthening the relationship with students and among the academic community. Here are more advantages:

More effective communication

As mentioned earlier, one of the highlights when adopting software for educational institutions is that communication becomes much more efficient. With it, it is possible for teachers to be able to speak directly with their responsible students or parents, issue documents or even display their class schedule.

Financial pending notices, occurrences with students, notices about academic activities and more can be issued. In higher education, teachers are able to send information and communications regarding the classes.

Automated calling

One of the modules of the educational management software also allows the call to verify the presence of students through an application, in a completely digital way. Thus, it is even possible for the teacher to view the student’s photo to make sure he is present in the class and then record everything in the system.

Thus, absences are automatically counted and can be integrated into the academic record of each student. This is a solution that allows much more practicality in the presence registration routine.

Room allocation

Another facility that the education software makes available, especially in the case of higher education, is the allocation of rooms. It is possible to reserve rooms for the use of classes from different courses.

The solution also allows each course to have a different level of priority in allocation. In this case, the institution itself, based on its criteria, defines which course will be preferred. Therefore, the organization of the classrooms is much clearer, which avoids confusion when teachers need to reserve the space.

Automation of the secretariat

The secretariat of an educational institution is where all the enrollment processes, payment of teachers and other academic and administrative issues take place. For this reason, having educational software that assists in all of this management makes the processes much more effective.

Thus, notes, re-enrollments, absences, teachers’ class schedule and other activities are done in an automated way. Everything is registered in the system, like a digital secretariat , where it is possible to have a holistic view of the functioning of all sectors.

Default reduction

Delinquency is a sensitive issue that needs to be dealt with in the best possible way. One of the software modules for educational institutions involves notifying students, in the case of higher education, in advance to make the monthly payment. It also keeps a record of students who have had problems with this.

In this way, the management is able to have greater control and anticipate the student’s behavior. The institution may choose to send more reminders for certain student profiles days before the payment slip expires. In addition, the student himself has access to payments to organize himself financially.

Final Opinion

Educational Software unites management with technology and goes far beyond administrative processes. This is because it acts in student retention, offering academic, financial and behavioral indicators. It also provides a predictive analysis of evasion and actions aimed at retention and capture, in addition to allowing the use of other complementary solutions such as an Educational CRM .

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