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Before this pandemic situation, there were merely 11-12% of people who prefer to avail virtual care and telehealth solutions, which has now raised to 75%. COVID-19 has marked a great impact on the healthcare industry and people are now switching to such applications to replace healthcare visits.

As per research, the number of telehealth visits has risen to 175 times in the last few months, which clearly indicates that the global market for apps like Teladoc is expected to exceed $112 billion by 2015, at a CAGR of 44%. Such apps have emerged as an important contributor in the revenue generation for the healthcare industry.

Due to this, healthcare businesses are now looking forward to developing similar apps like Teladoc, which is quite obvious. Well, this isn’t the only reason, there are other benefits too that healthcare professionals can experience while having an app like Teladoc.

What Is A Telehealth Mobile App?

The telehealth app like Teladoc allows physicians and patients to contact remotely. The application has a variety of useful features that make online consultations more convenient. The excellent method of providing services to end users is becoming increasingly common in the healthcare profession, both selflessly and financially, and this has raised the demand for doctor on demand apps.

Benefits Of Having Online Telehealth App

1. Reduce Paperwork: Having a Teladoc like clone app isn’t only beneficial for the healthcare practitioners, but for the patients as well. With an application, one can easily keep a record of documents via mobile apps which ultimately reduces paperwork. This will also result in improved management and administration.

2. Higher ROI: The high favourability of online telehealth app development  is increasing due to its increased ROI. Such applications help the healthcare professionals cut down their expenditure on hospital staff, equipment, infrastructure, and assist in maintaining high ROI.

3. Improved Patient Outcome: Having a telehealth application relieves patients of the hassle of returning to clinics and hospitals for follow-ups, skipping appointments, or looking for medications. This benefits the patient in another manner, where they receive adequate attention from their physicians, as opposed to when they visit clinics, which enhances their whole experience.

4. Reasonable Service: Since the healthcare applications are quite convenient and easily available to the patients, there is automatically cost-cutting associated with hospital admissions, travel time, and more. This is where online telehealth solutions offer reasonable services to the ones in need.

5. Decrease In Hospital Readmissions: Now, it is clearly understood that the sole purpose of Teladoc-like app development is to reduce patients’ hospital visits and provide them the assistance from the comfort of their home. So, patients using such applications can easily avail healthcare services without even getting admitted to the hospitals. This has further reduced the number of hospital readmissions.

Since telehealth applications offer such benefits, this healthcare industry is flourishing exponentially. Now, let’s take a gander at how Teladoc-like apps work.

Telehealth Mobile App Development

How Does On-Demand Doctor App Work?

Though the working process of each telehealth application differ, the average flow of similar app like teladoc goes in the following manner –

  • First, healthcare professionals register and build their profile. They have to share their expertise along with the pricing for virtual care and telehealth solutions with specialization over particular things.
  • The profile gets verified via a team of experts. This verification is essential to avoiding fake profiles as the qualification and specialization is verified.
  • Patients can register on application via email ID and maintain their medical records online.
  • To schedule an appointment, a patient needs to log in and enter a detailed description of his/her symptoms.
  • The telehealth app goes through the symptoms and searches the suitable healthcare professional accordingly.
  • After that, the patient can consult the doctor and schedule an appointment using an in-app calendar.
  • Doctor communicates with the patient regarding his problem over a video call. After detecting the problem, the professional recommends the treatment, asks for the tests, and more.
  • After the video consultation gets over, a patient has to pay the fees through a built-in payment gateway. Once the payment is done successfully, a patient is provided with the receipts, medicine details, and recommendation.

So, this is how the application works and makes it easier for the sick people to get treated right from the comfort of their home.

Features That Every Teladoc Like App Should Include

To develop a well-structured Teladoc clone app, you need to understand its structural features that make the app reliable. So, basically the structure of online telehealth app development is divided into three parts – Patient, Doctor, & Admin panel.

Patient Panel

This panel is known as a user app that helps the patients to schedule an online appointment, consult healthcare professionals, and get medications.

Telehealth Mobile App Development
  • Sign Up – Here patients can create their profile by entering their mobile number and email ID. This consists of two-factor authentication via call or SMS to protect the sensitive information of the patients.
  • Appointment Booking – This is the central feature of the app that allows the patients to search a suitable healthcare professional and schedule an appointment. Here, users can simply find the doctors by name or a particular specialization expert.
  • View Doctor’s Profile – This feature helps a patient to get a deep insight into a doctor’s profile including – specialization, consultation fees, successful treatments, and more.
  • Tracking Location – Patients can easily track doctors near to their locality and proximity.
  • In-App Chat – This feature allows the patients to communicate with doctors and get timely reports and solutions to their queries.
  • In-App Calling – Using this feature, patients can anytime connect with the specialist over a video call to discuss their concerns.
  • E-Media Records – Here, patients can upload their documents required for further consultation.
  • Payment Modes -This feature allows the patients to pay through multiple modes of payment. Besides this, this feature also includes health plans, insurance, and more.
  • Review & Ratings – Patients can give ratings and feedback to the professionals based on the treatment and service received. This feature is helpful for the patients to choose the doctor based on good reviews and ratings.

Doctor Panel

This panel helps the doctors to stay in touch with their patients and communicate properly. It also helps the professionals to manage their calendars as per virtual appointments and walk-ins.

  • Doctor Profile – Using this feature, doctors can update their specialization, degree, photo, address, and more on their profile. They can also include a number of successful treatments and past experience to build credibility.
  • Appointment Status – Doctors are allowed to accept or reject a particular appointment request based on the non-emergency situation. Overall, a doctor’s appointment status is shown here.
  • Schedule Appointment – Everyday, doctors can register the appointments and plan a day accordingly. This will reduce the chances of time wastage as inquiries at such applications stay genuine.
  • In-App Video Calling – Both the patient and doctors panel contains this feature. With this, professionals can easily communicate with patients over a video call, listen to their issues, and provide the assistance accordingly.
  • In-App Messages – Using this feature, doctors can any time share the prescription and give instructions to the patients. Also, doctors can analyse the results of tests and treatments, as well as address medication concerns, without summoning patients to the clinic.
  • Schedule Edit – In case of emergency, doctors can make changes in their appointment and daily schedule.
  • E-Prescription – In case a doctor or a patient is unable to consult each other for some reasons, doctors can offer patients with an online prescription stored in a database.

Admin Panel

This panel is handled by the admin where all the requirements of the Teladoc clone script app are taken into consideration from doctor management to patient inquiries.

Telehealth Mobile App Development
  • Database – This feature shows the database of patients with the proper details and health issues. Here, all the data are saved for tracking the patient’s health and making medical decisions.
  • Doctor Management –  This feature helps to manage doctors information according to their area of expertise. Admin can add and remove the doctors as per the issues found or at the end of the subscription. Admin can also get access to the entire profile.
  • Check Availability – This feature allows the admin to check the doctor’s availability and schedule an appointment too. For rescheduling or cancelling an appointment, the admin can take action.
  • Marketing Tools – Admin can include some of the marketing tools in the app like coupon codes, offers, loyalty programs, and more.

Before you avail virtual care and telehealth solutions from the organization, make sure you know the following admin features for developing a similar app like Teladoc.

Additional Features to Include In Your Telehealth App

  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app camera
  • In-app call & chat
  • In-app navigation
  • Social sign up and log in
  • Cost calculator
  • Push notifications
  • Medication reminder
  • Document sharing
  • CMS & CRM integration
  • Loyalty program
  • Automated health insurance claims
  • Marketing & promotional tools
  • Multilingual user-interface
  • Electronic Health Record

Advanced Integration for Online Telehealth Mobile App Solutions

With the rise in technological advancement, the benefits of online telehealth app development have also increased. Now, Teladoc like clone apps are integrating some advanced technologies to offer more flexibility to the users. Such as –

  • Virtual Reality: Healthcare professionals are widely using VR technology into on-demand doctor apps to mark a psychological impact on the patients.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is a well-known technology, especially when it comes to android app development, implementing AI into online telehealth solutions enables the app to act as per the user’s behaviour. Such technology makes the applications capable of making predictions, analysing data, and reducing human interface.
  • Voice Search: In today’s time, 50% of the searches over applications are done through voice search. This means integrating voice search into Teladoc like clone script can be advantageous for the healthcare businesses.
  • Augmented Reality: AR allows the healthcare professionals to introduce the elements to the real world. It helps the doctors to serve patients the best way and makes the process quite easier.

Technology Stack Used in Online Telehealth App Development

To develop a strong, reliable, and up-to-date app like Teladoc, app development professionals should focus on implementing the right technology stack, such as:

  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Database Technologies– MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres
  • For Payments Solution – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Real Time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink
  • Drug Data – openFDA Drug API | GoodRx
  • EHR and EMR – Allscripts API, DrChrono API
  • Prescription Management – MDLive
  • Treatment Type and health insurance – Eviti
  • Required Compliance – HIPPA, HL7, EPA, EPCS, ePHI

How Much Does Online Telehealth App Development Cost?

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of online telehealth apps. Some of the major factors affecting the cost are –

  1. Technology Stack
  2. App Complexity
  3. Development Hours
  4. Hourly Rates
  5. Contract Type
  6. Number of Platforms
  7. Features Included

Besides these factors, the location of the development team also influences the cost factor. The development cost of online Teladoc clone also depends upon the hourly rates of the development team, like in the USA, it can cost around $150-$250, but in Asia you only have to pay $5-$50 per hour for development of such an application.

While considering the overall online telehealth app development solutions, the cost comprises frontend, backend, feature complexity, time required, and more. Depending on all of these factors, you have to pay somewhere in between $30,000-$40,000. However, the price keeps on changing as per the client’s requirements and the technology used.

Are You Ready to Develop A Similar App Like Teladoc?

Without a doubt, on-demand applications are gaining immense popularity in this fast paced world and so are the Teladoc-like clone app. Healthcare professionals who are looking forward to expanding their digital presence in today’s time should definitely go for virtual care and development solutions. This new normal of getting online doctor consultation right from the home will help you get more patients online and save your efforts and time as well.

At Octal IT Solution, our team of dedicated and experienced, you can hire mobile app developers who can help you to develop a similar app like Teladoc. Our professionals assure that the product delivered to every client does not only fulfil the business needs and requirements, but also helps their audience. Book a call with our experts today, share your telehealth app development requirements, and get your product delivered within the deadline. It’s time to transform your business online!