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As we have been witnessing a Smartphone revolution across the world, a complete transformation also took place in mobile app development. This surge will keep on hitting new shores in the coming years as a recent research declared that Smartphone users across the globe is about to touch 2.6 billion mark. This indicates the sheer authority of the Smartphone users in the market and the way they leave an impact on almost everything.

While having a detailed overview, mobile app development cannot be overlooked as only through dynamic development the wider range of apps reach to their respected audiences and make an impact. Enterprises from all over the world are embracing mobile app platforms to further give a boost to the growth. 

How the companies listed below are transforming the entire mobile app development? Let’s have a look.


Mubaloo falls among those top service providers which plan, design and build incredible digital experiences with a difference. It does not hesitate in going an extra mile for its potential customers and deliver what is highly needed to increase customer engagement. Mubaloo follows a belief that to build mobile app solutions which strike a chord need strategist, designers etc. who help it to create more engagement. Having such belief, it has attracted a number of renowned clients including Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Qualcomm etc.  


 RED C – An award-winning development expert based in UK, Red C is known for its incredible approach for building bespoke mobile apps. Their consultative approach offers strategic and fair advice, which lets your business grow differently. It comes with sufficient resources and breadth of experience to convert ideas into reality. Red C owns a team, which is fanatical about crafting crisp, cutting-edge graphics and building a seamless user experience. Its expertise covers a long span with iOS and Android apps through integrating backend databases, instinctive Content Management System and much more.


Pocketapp is one of the few mobile app development service providers which promise the sure boost through their development. They create effective and strategic development for extensive engagement, which further helps your business grow faster. The team at Pocketapp has been building mobile solutions for over ten years and such long experience denotes our expertise in delivering fully integrated solutions across all major platforms. They know the importance of collaborative development better than anyone else and provide apt solutions for the growth of your business.


Brightec is one of the major mobile app solution providers carrying a belief that information, in the correct hands, has the power to change. It specializes in customized mobile app development that keeps the user first and offers life-enhancing digital experiences. Brightec understands that technology is in a state of constant evolution. It helps businesses navigate this ever-changing landscape and create a fine roadmap to success. The proficient mobile app developers at Brightec build app with a user-centric approach to make them smarter and friendlier. 


Waracle – The mobile app developed by Waracle comes with a surety to help you boost your business. It also takes care that you get a boost in the business without much efforts. Waracle also ensures that the mobile app development done by them should be of the highest quality. Their experience in the industry drives them to create exceptional mobile apps that further help you boost your enterprise’s presence in the market. Businesses in search of innovative solutions of the most intricate problems should look up to Waracle. 


Tappcandy – A big name in the IT industry of the UK, Tappcandy uses the expertise it has perfectly to provide a robust platform to the vision its clients have. Enterprises that are striving hard to make their own presence in the highly competitive market of the present era should seek only destination where it is addressed with excellence. The long-held experience and a dedicated development team introduce new dimensions to your enterprise and help it touch new levels of growth.


Lemberg – If you want to give a highly customised look to your idea, Lemberg is there to assist you with its fine touch using advanced technology. Its team has always been able to offer top-notch service with high expertise. The developers at Lemberg also make even most complex development easy and have it delivered within the time-frame. They promise to deliver functionally efficient, creative and innovative mobile apps that provide a perfect platform for your business to grow.  

Nodes Agency

Nodes-Agency – It comes with a truly integrated team that attentively understands your idea and translates it using the state-of-the-art technology. They progress with your mobile app development so finely without bothering you for instructions time and again. Simply, give them a documented draft and leave everything else on them to take it to the next level. Nodes also assure its clients to deliver hassle-free development and that too without crossing the agreed time-line. With the sheer dedication and fervent efforts, Nodes makes it possible elegantly. 


Cygnet-Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development service providers in the UK and customizes it the way it fulfills your wider expectations. The expert developers here ensure to create well-integrated and established mobile app development. Their emphasis is on having a transparent conversation with the clients to better understand his vision and implement stuff accordingly.  Through their bespoke development with the fine touch of technology, they make the development easy as well as the life of its clients convenient. 

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