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The world has moved inside their homes, and now everyone is trying to stay fit and healthy while working from home and avoiding social gatherings in the gymnasiums, health clubs, or fitness centers. Intermittent fasting is one such trend in the health and fitness industry. It is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating periodically. Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting can lose weight, improve metabolic health, immune system, and perhaps help live you longer. Intermittent fasting requires commitment, strict scheduling and a lot of temptation-resisting. In simple words, it is not the easiest diet out there. Thus, there are many mobile apps available to help you with intermittent fasting. This article will go through the 10 best intermittent fasting apps that you must try in 2022. But first, let’s know what intermittent fasting is.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Many diets mainly focus on what to eat, but intermittent fasting is all about when to eat. In intermittent fasting, a person consumes only at a specific time. It is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. There are many different types of intermittent fasting methods, such as fasting for a certain number of hours each day or eating just one meal a couple of days a week.

There is alternate day fasting, the 16:8 diet in which a person has to fast for 16 hours and eat in an 8-hour window, or the 5:2 diet in which a person eats typically five days a week and eats very few calories two days a week. By reducing the number of calories in your diet, all these methods can help you lose weight as long as you don’t compensate by overeating during the eating periods. It is one of the best and most healthy ways to lose weight without exhausting yourself.

How Intermittent can fasting apps help?

Although intermittent fasting seems very easy, there are multiple tricky aspects of this new eating method. There must be a strict commitment to the new diet and its schedule. The person has to eat only during the selected time and fast for longer. Many people lose their schedule of eating, and it sometimes leads to an eating disorder. Thus, adopting an intermittent fasting app can be very helpful for intermittent fasting. Regardless of which type of intermittent fasting you opt for, an intermittent fasting mobile app can make things easier. With the increasing popularity of health consciousness and intermittent fasting diets, you can now find a plethora of intermittent fasting mobile apps on the internet that help you stay on track right from your smartphone.

These apps have many different features, from planning meals to tracking nutrition etc. This article presents you with the 10 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps that you must try in 2022.

Which are the best intermittent Fasting Mobile Apps out there?

Here is the refined list of the best intermittent fasting apps that you can choose for your intermittent fasting:

WindowAn intermittent fasting app focused on Weight loss

Window is a free-downloadable app but you can’t do much with this free version and thus you have to upgrade it to the premium version which costs $39.99 a year. It offers a variety of fasting options such as Easy Start, Leangains, The Warrior, OMAD, etc. There is a blog with the content of leading nutritionists and dieticians. There is also a weight tracker which lets you monitor weight loss progress over time. Here are the links for Android and iOS apps.


  • Monitor your weight changes in dynamics
  • Manually manage when your fasting period starts and ends
  • Smart intelligent notifications
  • Fasting diary and timeline with your photos or recipe notes
  • No exhaustive challenges or annoying notifications

Zero – Best Overall Intermittent Fasting App

Zero is a top-notch intermittent fasting app having all the features that you will require in intermittent fasting. It comes with timers, journals, and other tools you need to get started. It also has blogs or articles on topics related to fasting such as fasting during quarantine, beverages to consume during the fast, and how to get a sound sleep. The basic app is free of cost, but it will encourage you to upgrade to its paid version “Zero Plus” which costs $69.99 per year or $9.99 per month. Here are the links for the Android and iOS apps.

Its four main functionalities are:

  •  Easy to customize as per your requirements
  • Tracking of fasting progress and fasting goals
  • Chart your progress and map your journey
  • Opt into challenges that align with your goals
  • Unlock all the benefits of fasting with Zero plus

Fastic: A highly motivational intermittent fasting app

If you want to be accustomed to a vast community of intermittent fasting users, Fastic is the right app. The app has more than 17 million users, and it comes with features such as a fasting timer, water tracker, step counter, etc. But if you want to make the most out of this app, you must upgrade it to its paid version, which starts at $4.60 per week. In the paid version, you will access many premium features such as recipes, challenges, and much more. Here are the links to iOS and Android apps.


  • Tracks fasting window effortlessly
  • Logs your water intake and sends reminders
  • Identifies the key stages in your fasting journey
  • Suitable for both beginners and pro
  • Continuous updates in features

Fastient –  Basic Intermittent Fasting App

If you want an intermittent fasting app with essential features and no hustle with extraordinary overwhelming features, you must go for the Fastient intermittent fasting app. This app also lets you note down your concerns and thoughts for your progress. The app is free of cost, and if you want to upgrade it to the premium version, it costs $4.99 for a year or $11.99 for a lifetime. It is a very affordable intermittent fasting app. Here are the links to iOS and Android apps.


  • Highly customizable and allows you to edit the start time, add an end goal to your fast, and cancel your current goal.
  • Accessible from any device and on any platform
  • View your weight loss as a graph anytime, fasting or feeding

 FastHabit: An affordable intermittent fasting app

FastHabit is famous for its captivating design. The blue-and-green graphics are highly soothing, and the app comes with extensive stats, calendars, and reminders. The app is free of cost, and you can also upgrade it to the pro version by paying just $2.99. You can set the length of your fast, daily logs and use advanced features to track your progress and accelerate your results. Here are the links to Android and iOS apps.


  • Check the per cent complete, time completed, remaining time, and target end.
  • Easy to edit, Stop, restart, and adjust the fast length at any time.
  • Choose the days and times you want reminders to start fasting
  • Calendar and weekly views with daily details

 BodyFast: A Complete Fasting App

BodyFast is another top-rated intermittent fasting app having more than 23 million downloads. It is a Germany-based IF app that lets you quickly switch the type of fasting you are following as per your requirements. There are weekly challenges in the app to motivate you for fasting. There are many plentiful and mind-boggling fasting options such as Stone Age, Aurora, etc. However, most of such options are available in the paid version, for which you have to upgrade to the premium plan. The paid version starts at $16.99 per month in which you will also get access to a personalized coach. Here are the links for the Android and iOS apps.


  • Personal weekly health and fitness challenges
  • Your personal program based on your progress and per-conditions
  • Combinable with diets such as keto, paleo, or low carb
  • Notifications alert and no advertisement
  • Weight tracker and statistics

Simple: Intermittent Fasting App for the Novices

If you have never tried fasting before and want to start as beginners, then Simple can be the best intermittent fasting app. This IF app will provide you fasting time reminders and regular tips throughout the fasting time. The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with the Health App and Fitbit. You can log the meal, record hydration and activity statistics, and choose from various goal plans focusing on weight loss, mindful eating, reducing stress, and many more. If you switch to a premium plan, you will also get inspirational content, personalized insights, and much more. It comes in two plans: $29.99 for 12 weeks and $49.99 per year. Here are the links to iOS and Android apps.


  • Daily customized tips and life hacks
  • Easy to understand meal journal for mindful eating
  • Custom fasting protocols
  • Set fasting reminders
  • Step-by-step guide to intermittent fasting

LIFE Fasting Tracker: An intermittent fasting app for social people

This intermittent fasting app USP is teamwork. This app lets you create social circles by which you can share your fasting experiences with your friends and family. The app also incorporates visual graphics to display while you are in a fat-burning phase of your fast. It is a huge motivator for many users.

The app is free to use, and if you want a personal session by experts, they are available at $30-$60 for 30 minutes. If you are in a group, you can also avail group coaching at discounted rates. Here are the links for Android and iOS apps.


  • Track your weight, waist, glucose and ketone levels
  • Easily integrate with HealthKit to import your health parameters
  • Tracking of intermittent fasting status and sharing your progress
  • Weekly added health articles

Vora: A graphic based intermittent fasting app

Last but not least, Vora is a popular intermittent fasting app that gives you a graphical representation of your progress data. It motivates you to share your progress on social media platforms and lets you create notes on your fasting experience to review later. The app is available free of cost, but you can upgrade it to its premium version at $4.99. The app is only available for iOS mobiles.


  • Cloud-based fast tracker app
  • Lets you create, edit and delete your fasts

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through the intermittent fasting apps that you can use. People tend to be more cautious about their health by working from home and now look for digital solutions to maintain their bodies and overall health. Thus, developing an intermittent fasting app can attract a lot of users.



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