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If you are someone looking for a way to step into the world of hacking, look no further!

To put it simply, hacking means intruding into someone’s virtual or cyber world. Once you are in, it is yours to rule.

The actual process of hacking may not be as cool as movies make it look. It is certainly neither boring nor not very complicated either. If you have the right tools, applications, and apps, most of your workload would be carried out by them.

It is not that you can just type in the email address or the IP address of the target, sit back, relax. You need to put in efforts to find the information or security loophole you are looking for. It is just that you will not need to scan hundreds of thousands of log entries and records manually.

The cool hacking apps that we showcase here will do the heavy lifting while you focus on the strategic aspects of the operation!

What Is White Hat Hacking?

Ethical hacking or white-hat hacking is the process of identifying security loopholes by penetrating the system by certified security experts. It involves gaining access to computer systems, networks, and connected devices to identify and test for potential vulnerabilities. They perform hacking so that they can fix the security breaches and make the system more robust and reliable.

When the means and the intentions for hacking are to identify and report the security gaps to authorities for bridging them, then it is legal. In some cases, the companies and agencies sign a contract with individuals having certain technical skills.

It is the responsibility of the ethical hacker to protect the organization’s privacy and report all vulnerabilities to the organization’s security and network administrators.

What Is Black Hat Hacking?

The illicit, criminal, and illegal side of hacking revolves around hackers that are popularly called black hat hackers. The technical skills of black hat hackers are the same as those of white-hat hackers. But the intents and use of technology are for malicious, criminal, and sometimes terrorist purposes.

Many black hat hackers hack just for “fun”, taking revenge, or for personal gains. The notorious WannaCry ransomware released in May 2017 is one example. Within the first two weeks of its release, it infected approximately 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries.

Black hat hacking activities can range from petty pranks to organized cybercrimes. While the latter may sound gravely illegal, hacking activities do not always involve criminal intentions. When it comes to hacking it is all about intentions and authorizations.

Before You Start

Whether you want to crack WiFi passwords or just scan a network, we are sure you will find something to suit your requirements here. The list of the best hacking apps is only for educational and informative purposes. We do not endorse unethical hacking in any form or for any purpose.

1. Install VPN


Before you try any of the listed top hacking apps, we recommend installing a VPN  to conceal your activities. Network providers like telecom companies and ISPs (internet service providers) try to block access to these tools even if it is for learning and educational purposes. After all, they must keep their systems secure too.

2. Use a Condemned Device

Condemned Device
Condemned Device

Another word of caution, use a device that does not have any personal, confidential, or sensitive information. Some of these apps will require you to jailbreak or root your device. Rooting will essentially void the warranty from the device manufacturer and erase all your data.

It can make your device incompatible with any future system and software updates released by the manufacturer. Once the device has been rooted its security cannot be assured by the original equipment manufacturer.

3. Practice Cyber Hygiene

Cyber Hygiene
Cyber Hygiene

Practicing proper cyber hygiene and taking safety measures are imperative when you are online. Just like you are trying to learn the ropes, there are thousands of others who are doing so.

So, always remember that while you are trying to hack someone, someone else might be trying to hack your device!

The 20 Best Hacking Apps For 2022

So, if you have understood the risks in their entirety, then only try these hacking apps and proceed.

Without further ado, let us jump right in!

1. mSpy: Find My Friends Phone


If you are looking for an app to access all the details of another smartphone without alerting the user of the device, mSpy is just the hacking tool you need. This app is available for iOS and Android. It comes with a variety of features, supports multiple languages, and has a user-friendly interface.

Notable Features

  • One of the most economical spy phone apps
  • Includes powerful GPS tracking device
  • Can be used to monitor the target device invisibly
  • Quite simple to set up and use
  • Gives you tons of data and details
  • Superb customer service available 24×7
  • Can work with a rooted or unrooted device


  • Only works on one phone at a time per license
  • You could lose the saved mSpy data if the target phone is wiped 
  • Subscription renewal is expensive

2. AndroRAT


AndroRAT is an abbreviation of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool). It is one of the best hacking apps allowing hackers to remotely control almost everything on the infected device.

This app allows you to access contacts, call logs,  location by GPS & Network, open a URL in the default browser, stream videos (for activity-based clients exclusively), use the camera, capture & stream audio from the microphone (or other sources), send a text message, place a call, and hack app data. This app is compatible with  Mac and Windows operating systems.

Notable Features

  • Can hack Windows + Mac.
  • Read personal messages.
  • See the GPS location.
  • Extract the WIFI password.
  • Upload files to victims’ devices.
  • Record and stream live audio/video.
  • Click snaps.
  • Monitor the victims’ devices entirely.


  • A little complicated for beginners.
  • Pricey compared to other hacking apps.

3. zANTI


zANTI is a top-notch hacking app for Android that identifies every vulnerability of the target device using an automated network map. This hacking app can imitate the methods of a cyber-attacker and identify security flaws within a given network.

The app’s Dashboard gives extensive reporting tools and can help administrators identify risks and fix critical security issues. Ethical hackers and network admins often use this app to identify vulnerabilities in the corporate network.

Notable Features 

  • Conduct full network scans
  • Get the target device’s detailed information
  • Check your weak spots and simulate attack patterns
  • Test various attacks and in-depth test methods
  • Study and analyze results


  • Available only for Android

4. cSpoilt 


cSpoilt is another prime hacking app that offers a variety of system hacking techniques including network mapping, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, and man-in-the-middle attacks. The hacking tool allows hackers to find exploits by cataloging local hosts and their weaknesses.

Hackers can gain access to the target, allowing them to crack WiFi passwords and install backdoors for future access. The app can run on any UNIX-based system, but for now, it is only available for Android-based platforms.

Notable Features

  • Scan and Map your local network
  • Fingerprint target OS and open ports
  • Perform MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks 
  • Allows to add hosts outside the local network
  • Integrated traceroute and Metasploit framework


  • Available only for Android

5. FaceNiff


If you are an Android user looking to sniff around social media of a target individual, especially their Facebook profiles, then FaceNiff is the right app for you. This hacking tool uses cookies from a WiFi network to intercept web sessions and allows illicit access to people’s accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also allows the hacker to take control of the social accounts of the targeted individual.

The only drawback with this app is that the device to be infected must not be connected to an EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)!

Notable Features 

  • Penetrate any device connected to the wi-fi network
  • Can access WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
  • Can penetrate protected networks
  • Can get you access to the social media accounts of a user


  • Works only on rooted devices
  • Cannot infect devices connected to an EAP

6. Droidbox


Droidbox is a versatile hacking app that can be used by Android users as a device hacking app as well as a mobile game hacking app. 

This app can generate hashes for the analyzed device, intercept incoming/outgoing network data on the infected device, perform file read/write operations, and leak information via a network file.

The hacking tool also throws in additional features such as permission for launching cryptographic operations that are performed using Android API, listing broadcast receivers, sending SMS, and making phone calls.

Notable Features 

  • Allows the user to access all details of a target device
  • Gives access to target’s app codes
  • Hack phone calls and text messages
  • Hack network traffic


  • Available only through trusted third-party sources
  • Configuration and setup are complicated

7. Hackode


Hackode is an excellent hacking app for Android developed especially for penetration testers, IT administrators, ethical hackers, and cybersecurity professionals. It offers an array of information-gathering tools and it can leverage Google’s hacking tools to find vulnerabilities.

Hackode offers scanning tools like Ping, Mx Record, etc. for targets shows the latest security feeds. This app excels in collecting data and allows searching for information on IPs and domain names. The collected data includes DNS used for services, contact information, and server & site status info.

Notable Features 

  • Offer information hacking tools like PhpMyAdmin, PhpConfig, and SQL Injection
  • Allows to lookup information in domain names and IPs
  • Offers tools like ping, traceroute, and DNS Dig for scanning target devices
  • Shows the latest security news


  • As of now, available only for Android devices
  • The application is still in the beta version.

8. Kali Linux NetHunter 

Kali Linux NetHunter

If you are looking to enter testing platforms for Linux devices, Kali Linux NetHunter is an excellent choice for you. It ranks in the top 10 best hacking apps for Android made for penetrating Linux devices.

Notable Features 

  • Offers AP mode support and multiple USB WiFi cards
  • Performs USB HID Keyboard attacks
  • Supports BadUSB MITM attacks
  • USB Y-cable support with device charging ability 
  • Supports Wireless 802.11 frame injection
  • Comes with an easy installation guide


  • The device must be rooted
  • Intermediate knowledge of Kali Linux is required

9. Network Mapper

Network Mapper

Network Mapper is among the top choices of traffic sniffers, security experts, and hackers. It is an unofficial yet effective frontend for the infamous Nmap Scanner. It will discover protocols, open ports, hosts, services configuration, and vulnerabilities on the network. Network Mapper works best with Android architectures like ARM, MIPS, and x86.

Notable Features 

  • Frontend for Nmap Scanner.
  • Will help you download, install, and use the Nmap Scanner.
  • Discover hosts, open ports, services, configurations, and vulnerabilities.
  • Nmap binary values are by default transferred using HTTPS.


  • The app is not beginner-friendly

10. DroidSheep


DroidSheep is a multifunctional WiFi hacking tool to spy on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. It is designed to examine and scan networks and find weak links in the system. It can also be used to hack WiFi networks and messenger apps. The app can work as a security network examiner and an effective tool for hacking networks. 

Notable Features

  • Monitor social media activity
  • Check network security
  • Find out weak links in the system
  • Hack messenger apps and snoop private messages


  • Works only on rooted Android phones 
  •  The libpcap library is a must for its functionality.

11. Nmap


Nmap is an award-winning and super effective network scanning tool. The range of its offerings includes detecting operating systems, open ports, and services by scanning the system. It works by listing the IP address of all the computers in the network and allows the hacker to do multiple custom scans.

Nmap is among the best open source and free hacking apps that can be used for network discovery and security audits. It is a flexible, powerful, portable, easy, and well-documented support tool for security professionals.

Notable Features

  • Detect OS, open ports, and services of target devices
  • Allows multiple custom scans
  • Network discovery and security audition
  • Open source and free


  • Many command combinations are available, so it may take some time to get used to

12. iRET 


The iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit, popularly known as iRET, is a great app for ethical hackers learning reverse engineering. The application can be used to analyze keychain contents, including passwords, keys, and certificates for any sensitive information.

Technically speaking, iRET offers binary analysis using o-tool, keychain analysis using keychain_dumper utility, binary decryption using dump decrypted, and database reading using SQLite. Additionally, the hacking tool also lets you create, edit, and install the tweaks.

Notable Features 

  • Works with all kinds of wireless networks
  • Can be used to analyze keychains, passwords, keys, and certificates
  • Offers binary analysis and keychain analysis 
  • Create, edit, and install the tweaks


  • Requires jailbreaking the device.

13. xSellize Game Hack 

xSellize Game Hack

Are you a gaming nerd tired of having to pay for mobile and electronic games? The xSellize Game Hack can solve that problem by letting you download paid games for free.

With thousands of games from Game Boy, Nintendo, SEGA, and other popular publishers, this hacking app for iOS is essentially the archrival of every popular paid game app.

And if that wasn’t enough, this app for iOS also offers functions – for instance, tracking, easy-to-use soft breakpoints, and automatic detection of vulnerable function calls.

Notable Features 

  • Download paid games for free
  • Offers anti-method swizzling
  • Hack app data and track the target devices
  • Use soft breakpoints and automatic detection


  • Requires device jailbreaking 

14. Paraben D.S.

Paraben D.S

Paraben Device Seizure is a mobile forensics app widely used by many organizations. It provides allows the in-house research required to generate device profiles data for analysis through the Paraben E3 Forensic Platform. Its ability to remotely mimic any targeted gadget makes it one of the most popular hacking apps for iOS. It also offers logical imaging, physical imaging, chip dumps, bypass options, and Cloud & App processing.

Paraben DS can help you with decrypting iOS backups with GPU acceleration, decrypting iCloud Keychain, and messages with media files and documents from iCloud. You can also use this hacking tool to acquire data from Microsoft accounts and download iCloud backups, hack app data, and sync data with or without an Apple ID password.

Notable Features 

  • Mass data dump and transfer to/from the cloud
  • All iOS forensic solutions under one license
  • Recovers Apple Keychain Data
  • File system and jailbreak support


  • Available only for iOS devices.
  • Solution and license are expensive.

15. Aispyer


Aispyer is a secure and reliable hacking app for Android. It is multi-functional and one of the best spy apps on the market. It can track and snoop into WhatsApp, Facebook, contacts, dialer, web history, GPS, messages, email, photos, keylogger, calendar, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, and Line. It comes with high-end security and tales pride in being unobtrusive. 

Notable Features

  • Can track SMS, call logs, and web history.
  • Phone number locator
  • Easily track all major social media apps
  • Keylogger tracker
  • You can also infiltrate file manager, photo gallery, and email accounts


  • The free version has limited functionality
  • Non-jailbreak version is expensive

16. Game Guardian

Game Guardian

Game Guardian is another popular and top game hacking app on our list. It allows you to hack almost every game that is available for your Android device, including popular games like PUBG.

Game Guardian modifies the locally stored game scripts that run on your device to give you access to almost any game. This app can work only on a rooted device. If you do not want to root your device, then you can run the app on a virtual space like Parallel Space. Cheat codes and scripts for specific games are available on the Game Guardian website. 

Notable Features

  • Search encrypted values
  • Dump and copy memory
  • Search and modify values using third-party scripts
  • Available in more than 50 languages
  • Supports game emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXe, and Gameboy

17. USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver

USB Cleaver is one of the best tools for stealing information from a connected computer system. Through this app, you can get data like saved chrome passwords, target’s IP addresses, and dump their WiFi passwords. The best thing is that this tool does everything without the knowledge of the victim.

Notable Features

  • Dump system information, including browsers and WiFi passwords
  • Allows you to select the payload
  • Copy documents, files, and images

18. Droid SSH 

Droid SSH 

SSH stands for Secure Shell. SSH is a server that runs on port 22 of connected devices allowing you to safely connect with other devices using a secure password. Droid SSH app lets you connect to your Android device from a PC and execute terminal and shell commands.

Notable Features

  • Connect your Android device from Windows PC or Mac systems
  • Execute terminal commands and bash shell scripts
  • Edit files on the connected device
  • Shared-key authentication

19. Creekhack


Creekhack is another popular game hacking app for Android that supports more than 100 games. This app does not require you to root your device, making it a viable option for many mobile game lovers who do not want to root their devices. As the support and updates for this app are no longer available, it cannot support new games and newer versions of older games.

Notable Features

  • Supports more than 100 games
  • Easily hack old Android games
  • Easy to use
  • Get unlimited coins, gems in games without purchasing

20. dSploit


dSploit is a collection of network analysis and penetration testing tools bundled into one application. The interconnected tools and their super-easy integration make it a prime hacking app for Android. This app offers an advanced toolkit to perform various types of tasks.

Notable Features

  • Deep Inspection
  • Vulnerability search
  • Multiprotocol login cracker
  • Packet forging with wake on LAN support
  • HTTPS redirection
  • MITM attacks
  • Session hijacking
  • Realtime message manipulation


The apps that we listed for you are some of the best hacking apps available. Make sure you take utmost care & precaution and thoroughly read the instructions before using any of these available apps.

Cyber security is a promising field for security experts and white hat hackers with skills and experience. Therefore, by learning to use these apps you can make your society and organization more robust against attacks.

If you want to build an app for cybersecurity then get in touch with Emizentech. We are one of the leading app development partners serving clients globally.



Founder and tech lead at Emizentech, Mr. Vivek has over ten years of experience in developing IT infrastructures and solutions. With his profound knowledge in eCommerce technologies like Shopware, Magento, and Shopify, Mr. Vivek has been assisting SMEs to enterprises across the globe by developing and maintaining their eCommerce applications.