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Being a real estate agent, you are well aware of the fact that the marketplace for the domain is witnessing massive competition. No matter what industry we cater to, keeping up with the growing competition is a challenge. Mobile app technology plays a significant role in standing out in the competition. In real estate, we have seen a rise in realtor applications that use technology to quickly take their services to their audience. A real estate business demands the accomplishment of various jobs, like meeting new clients and landlords, managing a real estate team, leaving the clients satisfied, and top of all. This paperwork solely sucks a lot.

Technological advancement has opened new doors as realtor apps to ease the functioning and operation of the real estate business. An app for real estate is responsible for simplifying, automating, and pacing the required processes. 

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So, downloading the best realtor apps would assist you in catching up with new clients, checking out the properties virtually, maintaining a healthy link with your clients, or giving time to your life, and needless to say, it will even save your money. This will lead to more clients and, thereby, enhanced revenue. It’s indeed a win-win situation!

Without any more delay, let’s explore the best mobile apps for real estate agents.

Connecteam – Best Real Estate App over All

You can say adieu to all your paperwork, printing expenses, and a work pouch. 

Yes, you read it right! 

Using the best app for realtors, Connecteam, you can speed up, ease, and automate your routine operations, scheduling, employee time tracking, and much more. This scheduling and time tracking app include everything a real estate business needs to run seamlessly towards enhanced profits. 

Top Features

  • Multiple communication tools
  • Digital forms
  • Easy scheduling
  • GPS time tracking
  • Online checklists and reports
  • Real-time updates
  • Push notifications
  • Online training & chat


14-day free trial (no credit card needed)

Plans: Free (up to 50 users); Basic – $39/month x 12; Advanced – $79/month x 12; Expert – $ 159/month x 12

Mortgage by Zillow – Mortgage Calculator

Zillow’s app, Mortgage by Zillow, is a home loan calculator that swiftly estimates a user’s total mortgage payment, including estimates for PMI, principal and interest, home insurance, property taxes, and HOA fees. 

You just need to enter a home price and down payment figure, and the app will calculate an estimated mortgage payment along with a schedule and structured breakdown. 

Top Features

  • Payment and affordability calculators
  • Find local lenders
  • Real-time mortgage rates
  • Compare mortgage rates
  • Rate history
  • Refinance calculator
  • Compare refinance rates
  • HARP quoting
  • Results sharing option

Pricing – Free 

Zillow Premier Agent – CRM for Zillow Listing

Behind a successful real estate business, there’s a CRM app, namely, Zillow Premier Agent. 

Using this app, you can get instant notifications and touch base with new communication via text, email, or phone. Most acknowledge this as a perfect app for the always-on-the-move agent. 

This app lets you set reminders, do tasks, update the contact statuses, and attach notes to speed up the follow-up. Moreover, it helps strengthen your relationship with the clients. Even you can use this CRM app to invite clients to connect. 

Besides, the Zillow Premier Agent, the best app for real estate agents, rapidly assigns tasks and project leads to the team members and utilizes easy reporting tools. 

Top Features

  • Lead management
  • Task management
  • Listing management
  • Meet program needs
  • The effective suite of tools
  • Intelligent communication
  • To-dos management



RPR – Realtors Property Resource

The world’s largest property database for realtors, RPR, paces up your response to requests and questions by bringing tools, data, and reports to your fingertips. It comes with everything a real estate agent needs to attract clients and close more deals. 

Using this best app for realtors, you can effortlessly search properties, craft, send reports, and view the local market stats anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, this app helps view the nearby listing and the sales activity, check any property, view tax, etc.

Top Features

  • Property search
  • Polygon neighborhood selection
  • An official subsidiary of NAR
  • View recent activity
  • Draw the search area on the map directly
  • Search nearby schools
  • Access mortgage, tax, distressed, and historical data
  • Create, save, or email branded reports
  • Add text, audio notes, and photos to any property



Propertybase – End-to-End Real Estate Software Platform

An ideal real estate app for agents, brokers, and teams looking to enhance productivity, Propertybase, assists the user in turning leads into lasting clients.

Propertybase provides the industry’s complete suite of tools, which includes back office, CRM, marketing, lead generation, and more that make all the steps from search to sale a seamless and smart experience.

Furthermore, this app offers every real estate business the tools to reach more clients, automate time-consuming jobs, and push your business ahead.

Top Features

  • Document Management
  • Tax Management
  • Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • Lease Management
  • Expense Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Lease and Maintenance
  • Property Alerts
  • Contact Management


Custom Pricing

CINC – Real Estate Lead Generation and CRM Platform 

One of the winners of the real estate industry, Commissions Inc (CINC), is an all-in-one tool and US-based training app. 

Besides, the real estate agents recognize this app as a one-stop platform for generating and closing more leads that are necessary for the success of a real estate business. 

50,000+ agents rely on this app to nurture their profit-making business opportunities daily.

Using this app, you can convert leads, connect more buyers, and respond faster to new potential homes.

Top Features

  • Task lists
  • Lead prioritization
  • Follow up reminders
  • 1-touch to view the leads’ details
  • Plan tasks management
  • Mass messaging capability
  • Keyword search
  • Organize by labels
  • App new lead
  • Search and share properties


Company – $69user/month (billed annually)

Enterprise – $89user/month (billed annually)

Cloud Agent Suite (CAS) – For Comparative Market Analysis

An advanced real estate agent app, Cloud Agent Suite, helps businesses grow. It offers real estate agents improved Comparative Market analysis (CMAs), lead generation, and listing alerts that boost their Multiple Listing Service (MLS) membership. 

Besides, this app automatically keeps the homeowners updated on listing activity around their homes. Even they can request a home valuation comparing their home to others. Also, you can craft an appealing print version of your CMA to leave a lasting impression. 

Top Features

  • Better tools for CMAs
  • Lead generation
  • Listing alerts
  • Create modern CMA reports
  • Customized landing pages
  • Boost landing pages


Custom pricing

Contactually – Dedicated Real Estate CRM

It’s pretty challenging being a real estate agent to keep track of past or current customers. To meet the challenge, the contactually mobile app emerges as a solution that eases user engagement with everyone in your network, namely Contactually.

Users must categorize their critical contacts into Buckets and leave the rest on their Contactually account. It states that the real estate agents now don’t have to fret about follow-up or the status of the prior interactions.

Contactually is an AI-based CRM platform crafted exceptionally for the industry that embraces features such as linking homes’ lists, a brokerage sold with the sales record in the area, and other property indexes to find which properties are suitable to post on upcoming listings. Such an app saves the real estate agent’s time using targeted messaging and automation to build their client base and strengthen the relationships. 

However, according to the recent report, after helping customers strengthen their professional relationships for ten years, Contactually shut down its business permanently on March 31, 2022. 

Top Features

  • Client matching
  • Campaign management
  • Contact management
  • Property matching
  • Interaction tracking


$59/month per user

MagicPlan – Design Floor Plans

A real estate app, MagicPlan helps craft and share field reports, floor plans, and estimates instantly and effortlessly. This app assists you connect with your team and knowing what’s going on on-site without physically being present, which was especially essential during COVID-19.

Top Features

  • Measuring and sketching
  • Reporting
  • Cost estimation
  • Instant floor plans through room scanning
  • New floor layouts
  • 3D tours
  • Project data sharing


Sketch – $9.99; Report – $29.99; Estimate – $89.99

Calendly – Schedule Visits & Appointments

A hub used for scheduling meetings efficiently and professionally, diminishing the need for back-and-forth emails, Calendly is best at simplifying scheduling used by lots of users worldwide. 

You need to craft simple rules as per your preferences, share your links with your guests, or embed them on your site and ahead, where they will choose a time, and the event will show in your calendar. 

Top Features

  • Automatic reminders and follow-ups
  • Craft more connections
  • Reduce cancellations


Basic – Free; Essentials – $8/seat/month; Professional – $12/seat/month; Teams – $16/seat/month

TurboScan – Scan Documents on the Go

An app that assists you in turning your iPhone into a powerful tool to find some space is TurboScan. Turboscan app has features like a scanner for receipts, documents, whiteboards, photos, books, and other text. Moreover, it rapidly scans your multi-page documents in top-quality JPEGs or PDFs, named, well-organized, and shared anywhere. 

Moreover, TurboScan is one of the best apps for real estate investors and agents, as whenever needed, this app scans the required documents and shares them. 

Top Features

  • Automatic document edge detection and shooting
  • Touch ID & passcode lock
  • Reorder and add pages anytime
  • Arrange various business cards and receipts on a PDF page for printing. 
  • Message or email documents s JPEG, PDF, or PNG
  • Ultra-fast processing


Free, In-app purchases

DocuSign – Get Signatures for Any Document

Globe’s #1 app to send and sign agreements anywhere, anytime, DocuSign smoothens the working of businesses. It replaces the need for printing, scanning, faxing, and overnighting documents for business transactions.

You just need to upload the document, sign it, and send them. Also, you can check out who signed, what paper, and when. Being a real estate agent, if you want your client’s document signed, you can do that anytime, anywhere using DocuSign.

Top Features

  • Authentication
  • Task progress tracking
  • Document storage
  • Reminders
  • Audit trail
  • Customizable templates
  • Document analytics
  • Mobile signature capture
  • Multi-party signing


DocuSign Individual – $10/user per month; DocuSign Pro – $20/user per month; DocuSign Business – $30/user per month; DocuSign Business Premium – $125/user per month

Dotloop – E-Sign Platform

Being a real estate agent, if you need task management, productivity optimization, and online transactions, the best real estate app that fits your requirements is, Dotloop. It also permits users to create forms and assists them with e-signature and storage features. Besides, this app lets the brokers access their transactions using any device. 

Dotloop’s mobile experience for real estate agents and brokers is matchless, and it encapsulates all the essential tools one needs to execute the contracts, like share, edit, design, and more, all from a phone. 

Top Features

  • Instant notifications
  • Task management
  • Submit & review documents
  • Text contracts to clients
  • eSign contracts via test
  • Scan contracts through phone
  • Prepare and edit real estate contracts
  • Convert pictures into PDFs
  • Host in-person signing


Agents – $31.99/month; Teams – Custom Pricing; Brokers – Custom Pricing

BombBomb – Send Personalized Video Message

A video tool is not helpful if it doesn’t provide guidance on what to send and what to say. Along with such a feature, here comes a human-centered approach that mixes understanding and empathy to reward the users for their engagement and to develop more trust, BombBomb. 

Using BombBomb, a video email and message app, you can save time, get more replies, and integrate a human touch into your messages. This way, you can pull more deals rapidly. 

Besides, you can mix your videos with your emails, calls, and outreach. 

Top Features

  • Create and manage videos
  • Send and track emails
  • Snippets
  • Scheduling via a web app
  • Screen recorder
  • In-video calls to action
  • Reply with video


Essentials – $33/month/seat; Plus – $49/month/seat; Enterprise – Custom Solutions

Lightroom – DSLR-like Property Photographs

One of the top favorites of every realtor, Lightroom is best when you need to create content every time and take better listing photos. Lightroom offers a unique picture-clicking experience and editing feature.

This app emerges with better pictures because it offers the caliber to shoot in RAW format. When we take photos on our iPhone using the standard camera app, it shoots in JPEG format, a compressed image. With a JPEG image, fewer editing options are available compared to a RAW image. 

Top Features

  • Photos preset and filters
  • Photo editor and camera
  • Video editor 
  • Remove distracting elements
  • Create masks to edit 
  • Amazing video filters
  • Lightroom web galleries


Lightroom (1 TB) – ₹797.68/month; Photography plan (20 GB) – ₹797.68/month; Photography plan (1 TB) – ₹1,596.54/month

Canva – Graphics & Presentation Templates

The world’s most uncomplicated design and real-estate marketing tool, Canva, lets users craft anything through their mobile devices and publish in just a few minutes. Utilizing Canva’s real estate flyer templates is one of the best ways to boost properties and listings with captivating promotional materials.

You can also catch up with fascinating real estate graphics on Canva that you can showcase on your social media sites and blogs to attract leads. 

Top Features

  • Access on all devices
  • Easy editor
  • Brand control
  • Approval workflow
  • Canva Video
  • Magic resize
  • Canva Print
  • Locked elements
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Built-in comments
  • Schedule


Free; Pro – ₹3,999.00/year; Enterprise – ₹2,200.00/month

Buffer – For Social Media management

You can use Buffer to handle your social media to spare more time for your business. It is widely known as a multi-purpose social media marketing software tool having the potential to schedule and draft posts for sharing across various social networks, embracing Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

Real estate agents can organically build an audience for their business with this app. It offers intuitive, affordable, and the best marketing tools. 

Top Features

  • Rapid response to comments
  • Social media metrics
  • Schedule posts across social media
  • Performance measurement
  • Plan your campaign


Free; Essentials – $5/month/social channel; Team – $10/month/social channel; Agency – $100/month/for 10 social channels

DropBox – Share Document Easily Through Weblink

A free mobile app that assists you in moving projects anywhere, Dropbox can let you stay focused on what’s essential. Using it, you can access your work, collaborate with your clients and co-workers, and pay attention to your tasks from your devices. 

A video tour is the best way to walk through a property and considering that, people use Dropbox, which helps easily share videos with their clients. This app saves the files on the cloud, so the users don’t need to store them on their devices. 

Moreover, you can keep your documents secure and safe on dropbox. So, if your computer crashes, there’s no need to fret as dropbox will store your files safely until you remove them. 

You can mark your files and folders for offline access even when you are not connected to the internet. With Dropbox, you can easily send big and small files and check comments in one spot. 

Top Features

  • Screen recorder
  • In-video calls to action
  • Reply with video
  • Well-organized work
  • File sharing
  • Content collaboration


Plus – $9.99 / month; Family – $16.99 / family / month; Professional – $l6.58 / month


Well, these were the top picks for the best real estate apps for realtors that assist in finding potential buyers and lead generation. 

We would love to hear which app you would prefer and recommend to other agents. 

Also, if you want to develop a real estate app for your business to attain success with less effort and time, you can connect with us. We provide top-quality, customized mobile app development services for varied industry domains.