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“According to the survey, 8 out of 10 apps are built using Android. Singapore has played a major role in the development of mobile apps and marked 4th position. According to the survey, Singapore people are likely to open 12 Android apps in a day. The average percentage of monthly usage is 40%.”

In recent years, the mobile app industry has been facing a humongous amount of transformation. It incorporated the latest technologies resulting in major demand by the businesses. 

Android is the fastest-growing mobile application platform. It is open-source free and supported by a wide number of community experts.  It is innovative and agile so the trust it delivers to the end-user and businesses is excellent. The Android apps are easily integrated with third-party APIs, which multiplies their potential and availability.  

There are many reasons why businesses trust Android app development company to partner with them. If you are any one of them, probably your first question would be its development cost.

So, let’s see how the relevant factors would affect the overall cost of Android apps. 

What factors affect the Android app development cost

App Size

The app size depends on the degree of involvement of the resources. It is categorized into three as small, medium, and enterprise. So, the cost range varies as $4k, $30k, and more than $50k respectively.

Number of Features Included

The more features are included in the app, the more time-consuming it will be. Android app developers identify what features are important to emerge in the app to gain a large customer base. 

Note: The number of features decides the development cost.

The Complexity of the Features

A simple application needs fewer features as compared to a complex app. Creating a full-stack application on Android requires a high level of expertise and this increments the cost value. 

Android app developers in Singapore are proficient in committing a visible transformation in the app. They charge as per the complexity of the app:

Basic App for a single platform: $30k

Basic App for multiple platforms: $60k

Complex App: $70k and more

Type of Platforms Used

The cost of the development is greatly impacted by the type of platform. The Android app is divided into 3 platforms mainly:

Native App– which use Java and Kotlin for programming

Cross-Platform App– uses React and Flutter for programming

Progressive Web App– uses a complex level of programming

API Integration

People mostly use smartphone apps for their day-to-day activities. Payments are done using cashless methods. Gaming requires a high level of features and functionalities. These all parameters depend on the use of seamless connectivity via API integration. 

API integration is one of the most important features that impacts the cost of the Android app. It helps to connect with two or more apps for sharing the data. 

Some of the APIs and their transaction charges are:

Payment API:

  • Stripe: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction + 2% Currency Conversion Fees
  • Braintree: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction + 2% Currency Conversion Fees
  • Paypal: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction + 0.4% to 3.3% Currency Conversion Fees

Third-Party API:

  • Google Maps: $750
  • Facebook APIs: $550
  • Booking API: $800

App Design and Screens

More screens required more working hours for the completion of the app. Plus, the variation in the type of screen requires different designs. If the Android app developer adds more screens to the app then the designs are much more complicated compared to the simple ones. 

Complex graphics for the screens would increase the cost of the app. 

Development Stage

The development stage is considered to be the most crucial stage. 

It involves the collaboration of many steps and each stage should be curated keenly to ensure the right delivery of the app. 

The Android app developer gathers all of the information for the planning process. He should be focusing on the strategies involved in the market, the goals, and objectives of the business, and the identity of the app users. The app must be aligned with accurate designing and wireframing, backend support, testing on Testing on different levels, deployment, and support.

Total development stage cost estimation: $30k

App Categories

The Android app plays a larger part in our daily activities. Different types of apps have different features in them.  As per different types of apps, the cost of the app may vary. 

  • Ecommerce App: $30k-$60k
  • Banking and Finance App: $50k-$150k
  • Healthcare and Fitness App: $45k-$100k
  • Social Media App:$30k-$50k
  • On-Demand App: $25k-$50k
  • Gaming App: $30k-$230k
  • Technologies like AR/VR: $50k-$300k


Android apps are popular in demand. Many new developers are coming into the industry of app development. With the affluence of the technology now the location of the android app developer is not a big concern. Although this may increase the cost of the app. 

India is one of the largest mobile app development countries. For Android app developers in India, the cost for app creation is $40 per hour which is less compared to the USA and other European countries.

Other Hidden Costs

This includes hosting, maintenance, updates, licensing, email integration, and others. 


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