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Grocery Delivery Business Challanges

Challenges in Grocery Delivery Businesses

We have now entered a new world, a post-lockdown period. Now we are leaving no stone unturned to follow social distance so as not to

TikTok Banned in India
Social Media

Chinese Apps Banned! – Go for These Alternatives.

A crucial move has been taken by the Ministry of Information Technology (Meity) according to which, India has banned 59 Chinese Apps popular names among

mobile app development company UK
Top 10

Top Mobile App Development Companies in UK

As we have been witnessing a Smartphone revolution across the world, a complete transformation also took place in mobile app development. This surge will keep

Angular Development

Why Angular is a Powerful Front End Development Tool?

AngularJS is an open-source platform focused on developing an application interface, using HTML, CSS and, mainly, JavaScript. Its focus is on open source and front-end web applications, based

Digital Transformation
Business Technology

Digital Transformation Guide Updated to 2021

We are in an era where technology is pawing and never before can we speak of digital transformation. It is a curious expression, so much so that

Big data
Big Data

Big Data Analytics: The Trends for 2021

Already in 2019 we noticed an ever-growing thirst for knowledge of companies towards data. Those who work in the business want immediate answers and the analysis must

Office Meetings

How to Uplift Employee Engagement in Meetings?

Employee engagement is a vital element in enhancing productivity at the workplace. Every new employee seems to be battling with the intimidation phase. If you

Food Delivery Business Model
Mobile App

Various Types of Food Delivery Business Models

The craving for delicious food among people has reached an all-new level today. While earlier whenever anyone desired to treat themselves with their much-loved outside

mobile app engagement Tips
Mobile App Technology

How to Increase User Engagement for Your Mobile App

When it comes to applications, it is undeniable that there are many scattered around. The relevance of apps is proven by the fact that there